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Happy 70th birthday Briggs and Forrester

Posted: 27/01/17 by Briggs & Forrester Group Ltd

The Briggs and Forrester Group celebrates its 70th anniversary on January 29th 2017.

Since 1947 the business has grown into one of the country’s largest independent building services contractors across a diverse range of sectors and projects.

William Briggs and Charles Forrester started the company as a heating engineering business in Northampton. Although both Briggs and Forrester’s time with the company was relatively short, the name remained. As the construction industry grew in the 1960s and 1970s Briggs and Forrester continued to diversify, developing its project experience and growing its number of employees.

During the next decades the challenges of recessions, changes to the company structure and working practices and growth in employee numbers and office locations reflected the highs and lows of the construction industry. In 1983 the company turnover was £5m; by 1996 it had risen to £29m and projected turnover for 2017 is £200m. Employee numbers have risen too and currently stand at just over 800.

Today Briggs and Forrester continues to keep pace with an ever -hanging industry and the desire to involve the best people in an owner-managed business remains.

Mike Stanton, Executive Chairman of the Group said: “In our 70th year we have much to be proud about. Our company is highly respected in the industry, and importantly, continues to provide the opportunity for people to develop their skills and realise their ambitions.

“It is very important as we develop that we have the right people in position with the necessary skills to deliver at all levels. Our future success is about nurturing and trusting people and providing opportunities both now and in the future. “

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