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Posted: 09/02/17 by SEMLEP

Velocity SEMLEP’s Growth Hub is running an Introduction to Digital Marketing course and a Managing Finance in a Growing Business course next week.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Kettering Conference Centre

15th February 2017, 9.30am-12.30pm

Workshop Info

How do I get started on digital marketing for my business? This workshop will provide you with the answer by showing you how to harness the power of social networks. In addition to showing how Google works, it will introduce you to the ethics, dynamics and best practices of digital marketing.

Who should attend? Owners, directors and marketing managers who are looking to boost their online presence through social media and to make the most of the channels available to them.

What you will learn:

• How to Identify and define your key social media goals and objectives

• How the Google Pigeon algorithm affects your search engine results.

• Which social media platforms are best suited for reaching your target market

• Strategies to help you build an online audience.

This workshop is part funded through ERDF.

Please note eligibility criteria applies to attend this workshop.

Managing Finance in a Growing Business

Milton Keynes College

16th February 2017, 9.30am-12.30pm

Workshop Information

Are you planning to grow your business and are you clear about the financial implications of doing so? Do you want to show your business finances in the best light to funders and investors? How well do you really understand your accountant’s advice? This workshop, delivered in conjunction with Addison Accounts will allow you to make better-informed decisions about growth and take more control of your finances.

Who should attend?

Owners and managers who want to understand the financial implications of growing their business or who simply want to improve its financial performance and efficiency.

What you will learn

• The purpose and use of key financial documents and the meaning of accounting terminology

• The financial and legal implications of increasing your sales turnover and taking on new staff

• Sources of growth finance and their implications for your business

• Key financial performance indicators, why they are important and how you can affect them.

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