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Creating an innovative and ergonomic workstation with ABL

Posted: 01/03/17 by ABL UK

Formerly known as Accessory Bits, ABL continues to be a growing brand providing new products to the office furniture market.

Its knowledge and experience of the office furniture industry began in 2003.

Its range of products includes Desk Power Modules, Monitor Arms, CPU holders and Cable Management.

Innovation is a key aspect of its business and it strives to help you work faster, tidier and smarter!

The firm’s top products can help you to create a stress free, proactive work environment! Its stylish Glide Monitor Arms work magic!

ABL’s exclusive range of Glide Monitor Arms recently hit the UK market. Glide allows the user to effortlessly position their screen at the correct eye level which in turn helps reduce strain on their neck and back.

The innovative design allows the end user to mount the arm onto their desk easily, thereby freeing up more space! Not only can the arm hold between 1.8kg and 9kg but can also be positioned in a variety of different heights between 170mm and 430mm.

Glide comes in five energetic colours including white, white/silver, black, black with blue inserts and finally black with green inserts. Glide also features a quick release VESA plate and superb cable management.

Organising those cables ABL’s stylish easy to fit Cable Management products can be fitted to all variety of office types. They come in a selection of colours including silver and black.

Its range of Cable Spines hide cables in the most organised manner, allowing data and power cables to be placed neatly free from damage. The removal and addition of new cables is especially easy; you no longer need to deal with those pesky knots and tangles.

Its Wire Basket solution is available in cut lengths to suit individual’s requirements. They hold a variety of our products including the Konsort range and also tidy power and data cables under the desk surface.

Charge your phone the smart way The sleek Port- El has revolutionised the way we charge our devices. Not only do they offer the power required to fully charge a smart phone or device, but also provide a sleek finish to the office desk. Port – El provides a power socket and is complemented with USB and data ports. The Port- El provides a striking finish to the desk, offering efficiency and functionality!

All of the firm’s products provide a modern and practical approach, whilst complimenting the office desk. For further information call 01933 400 080 or visit ABL – Helping you work Faster, Tidier, and Smarter.

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