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Could your staff help with recruitment problems?

Posted: 05/04/17 by The Development Company Limited

The Development Company carried out a survey recently, asking the question ‘What gets in the way of your staff working effectively?’.

The results? 72% said poor Management practices 17% said skills shortages due to not being able to recruit the people with the right knowledge, skills and experience 11% said individual’s being demotivated.

The skills shortages – what can we all do to combat this?

These are some ideas from Kay Buckby, Director of The Development Company:

More collaboration between schools, colleges and business: • Every business can offer meaningful work experiences and placements to students – project based work, allowing young people to gain employable skills, clarify their own strengths and talents and what they want and don’t want to do in life.

More PR from all staff: • It’s not just the job of the Recruitment Team or HR to promote your place of work as a great place to work. Long ago, the McKinsey consultancy coined the term the ‘War on Talent’; part of the model is for everyone to attract the right talent to the organisation. It’s no longer acceptable to just sit back and await a vacancy and then hope the right person is out there. We have to view attracting talent as part of what we do. Social media, speaking, advocacy, writing…these are a few ways to raise the profile of your company so the right talent is aware of you.

Mentoring: • Passing on skills and know-how is something every great person does. Who can you identify to pass on all you know to?

Coaching: • Learning how to coach others to release their true potential is one of the most rewarding skills. If you train all your staff to coach, your culture will identify skills gaps, and come up with options to change all on their own. Oh! And they will take ownership and responsibility by committing to the actions.

We hope this has sparked some ideas. Do drop us a line to let us know your thoughts.

The summarised survey can be viewed here: The Development Company designs and delivers management and leadership programmes to enable you to retain and engage your people. Sessions can be half day modular programmes, lunch and learn acorns.

Contact us to discuss how a programme can benefit your business. Kay Buckby The Development Company Tel: 01604 810801 Email:

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