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Art students brighten up Northampton General Hospital with spring-inspired artwork

Posted: 04/04/17 by Northampton College

A class of Level 3 Art and Design students from Northampton College have created a series of paintings and drawings which they have donated to Northampton General Hospital.

The spring-inspired artwork will brighten up the walls of waiting rooms so families can have something visually appealing to look at during their visits.

Each painting shows a different type of spring flower in a variety of different styles such as paint, pastel, pen and ink.

Art student Hannah Evans said: “I feel really proud that our work is going to be displayed in the hospital. Hopefully it will brighten up the waiting rooms and make them look more inviting. I chose to use bright yellow and purple flowers as I really liked the contrasting colours.”

Fellow art student Raqeeb Ali said: “I’m really excited to see my artwork up in the hospital. My piece was inspired by roses and lilies which are my mum’s favourite flowers so they have sentimental significance to me. They have more of an illustrative feel as I created most of the design digitally.”

Emma Wimpress, the customer services manager at Northampton General Hospital helps to run the volunteer scheme and said how impressed she was with the students’ donation.

She added: “I would like to thank all of the students for taking the time to create such beautiful work for the hospital, it’s amazing.

“It’s such a fantastic thing for them to do because they might not be able to commit their time to come in and volunteer, so by doing this they are showing their support in another way.”

Students will be invited back to see their artwork up on the walls at the end of April.

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