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Ann Francke, CEO, Chartered Management Institute on Theresa May triggering Article 50

Posted: 30/03/17 by Chartered Management Institute

Ann Francke, CEO, Chartered Management Institute gives her thoughts on Theresa May triggering Article 50.

“Finally this Wednesday, triggering Article 50 should set out a clear timeframe for Britain’s official exit from the EU. The negotiations will be hugely complex, and the Government must invite business leaders to the negotiating table to help secure the fairest possible new trading relationship for British business.

“EU withdrawal brings with it the chance to open up the country’s collective mindset to global business opportunities. We will fail if a culture of isolationism is allowed to grow. Multinational diversity has been fundamental to British business success, and businesses need reassurance that EU nationals living and working in the UK will continue to have their rights guaranteed. In important areas like hospitality, construction and technology, businesses will struggle to survive and certainly to improve productivity without continued access to overseas talent pools.

“The triggering of Article 50 signals the start of a process that will leave Britain forging a new path, outside the relative protection of the EU. The Government’s skills agenda and progressive gender pay policy are strong policies which will help the country boost productivity through an investment in people. We have to make sure that our workforce remains diverse, and is equipped with the progressive and practical skills needed to keep British business competitive.

“Good managers should consult their stakeholders. And that includes the Cabinet. This is a complex, important constitutional decision that fundamentally affects Britain’s future, and we must entrust our democratically elected MPs to agree that the new deal negotiated is the right one for Britain.”

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