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Young Chamber launches The SKILLS Factor competition

Posted: 29/04/10 by Northamptonshire Chamber

Young Chamber has launched ‘The SKILLS Factor’, an ambitious new competition for 11-19 year old UK students.

The competition, which aims to improve relationships between business, students and their teachers to boost personal and business related skills development in young people, is not just open to schools but all youth organisations involved with full or part time UK students aged between 11 and 19.

To take part in the competition, teams must develop a product or service demonstrating how they have used personal and business skills, worked out problems and learnt overall from the experience.

Young Chamber’s CEO, Kevin Smith, said at the launch of The SKILLS Factor at the London offices of British Chambers of Commerce: "We are aiming at nothing less than a revolution in the relationship between business, students and their teachers, working together for common benefit.

"Personal and business related skills development in young people is at the top of most employers’ wish list, The SKILLS Factor looks to give a platform where these skills can be demonstrated. Using the web, social networking sites and commercial partners, we are going to bring all three of these important communities together in teams to compete for the title The SKILLS Factor Winners 2010.

This competition will be a tough test of the team’s abilities. They will have to prove to the judges that they have the skills, initiative, discipline and creativity required to establish and develop a successful business idea."

The new competition will take place in London on 24 September, accompanied by a ‘Battle of the Videos’ competition and an exhibition devoted to organisations and companies who have an interest in youth training, skills and education.

Kevin added: "Young Chamber wants to involve absolutely everyone in the education sector, not just teachers, local business mentors and students, but parents, youth organisations, unions, Government training bodies and local authorities. This is a completely inclusive contest with very few formal rules. If you are aged 11-19, have signed up a local business person to help you and have your school’s endorsement, you can enter the contest via our website."

For more details and to register, go to The closing date for entries is 31 May 2010.

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