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Praise for Northampton Borough Council website in national survey

Posted: 24/03/10 by Northampton Borough Council

A national survey of local authority websites has placed Northampton Borough Council fifth out of 479 councils for its ease of access to information.

The website was judged on whether the visitor found what they were looking for, or had to revert to other means, such as a phone call, to get the information they needed. This demonstrates the significant improvements which have been made to the site over the past year.

The survey was carried out by SOCITM, the Society of IT Managers, who visited as part of an annual assessment of local authority websites.

Their report was really positive: The researchers felt that the website “covered all the bases” and was “informative” and “comprehensive”.

They also said that there was clear signposting from the home page and were particularly praising of our jobs section – which includes comments from staff about what it is like to work for the council. 

Councillor Brian Markham, Cabinet member for Performance, said: “This is really positive news at a time when people want to be able to access council services and information in ways and times that are convenient to them.

“More and more people are using the internet and we are increasingly looking at how to make more services available in this efficient and cost effective way. It is good to know that our website provides us with a sound basis to move forward.”

A wide range of services are now available on-line including registration for the “citizen’s account”, which enables customers to request electronic council tax billing and to manage their account on-line.  

The Council is committed to increasing the number of services that are available online still further.  The latest online reporting facilities include change of address for council tax, reporting repairs for council tenants and interactive mapping facilities, which enable customers to locate useful services on a map of the Northampton area.

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