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Northampton College campaigns against funding cuts

Posted: 07/04/10 by Northampton College

Northampton College is joining forces with other colleges around the country to highlight the impact of a £200m cut to funding for adult students.

Northampton College has been told that its overall funding for adult courses next year is likely to shrink by around 19.5%. The College is campaigning on behalf of its students and local communities to make Government aware of the likely impact of the changes and press for more freedom to manage budgets in order to mitigate the effects.

Principal, Len Closs said: “It is unclear at this stage how these changes will impact on our College but we are working hard to minimise the effect on the students and communities we represent. Unquestionably, we will have to make savings.

“We understand that the Treasury is under significant pressure to further curtail public spending, but cutting courses that are so essential to our recovery is a false economy. Cuts like these will affect frontline services and will have an impact on our learners and the communities we serve. It is unrealistic to expect people to pay the full cost of these courses in the current economic climate and this is precisely the time when adults need the assistance and support of Further Education to improve their chances of gaining better employment.”

Colleges, by far the biggest providers of vocational training in Britain, have been told their ‘adult learner responsive’ budgets will shrink by 10 to 25% this year. Courses affected across the country include those in construction, catering, care, hospitality, IT, engineering and sign language.

“We are calling on Government to allow Colleges to be more flexible with their funding,” added Mr Closs. “So that they can help support these courses where possible by transferring money between budgets – something we are not allowed to do currently.”

An AoC survey, completed by 147 Colleges, shows that they face an average cut of 16%. Over two fifths (63 of those surveyed) face a cut of more than 20%.

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