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Meet the determined staff at Changing People Consultants

Posted: 05/08/10 by Bank Brokers UK Ltd

My name is Katherine Terrell Gray and I’m a director/partner of Changing People Consultants Ltd. We’re change and general management consultants who have been working with companies like Tarmac, News International and EMI among others.  

I’m currently working at gearing our bluehchip offerings to SMEs, including the survey service, face-2-face and remote advisory and mentoring service, change and communications strategy and solutions, brainstorming and issue-resolution workshops, coaching and performance.  

Earlier this summer I qualified to join the Great Britain Age Group Team to race in the 2010 Duathlon World Championships, to be held in Edinburgh on 4th September. Below you’ll find an excerpt of my recent training diary and general terrified thoughts when I found out what I had put myself in for!

A Date with Duathlon – what have I let myself in for?

I’m rather alarmed. Actually, no I’m not, I’m downright scared…..  I’ve just seen a photo of what I’ve got to cycle up (and down) at the Duathlon World Championships in Edinburgh, and I’m wondering why I decided to qualify for the Great Britain Age Group team (veterans) for this year’s World Champs – especially as a newcomer to Olympic distance duathlon.  

Next week I will do my last short duathlon race at Silverstone race circuit. I’m usually 2nd lady, 1st vet in this one – unless those other two are there…. So I’ll probably win a bottle of wine (brilliant prize – so much better than a t-shirt!), be momentarily pleased, then remember that I will be racing three times the distance three weeks later.  Roll on September!

My training diary looks something like this:

Saturday 31 July: 4.5 mile trail run at tempo speed + 6 x 1 minute sprints. Tucker the dog was my training partner – bemused by the back and forth sprints! In the afternoon Jerry and I did a 35 mile hilly bike ride around Northamptonshire.  

Sunday 1 August: 7.45 mile run including 5 x 1 mile fast runs between 6.23 and 6.39 min miles – my older son bmx’d beside me while I puffed and panted, and even did a mile himself, while I recovered on his bike (fantastic!)

Monday 2 August: Gluteal, quad and hamstring power and core (abs and back) exercises followed by a 40 minute spinning bike workout – single leg powering and hill intervals

Tuesday 3 August: 42 mile hilly/undulating bike ride with Jerry followed by 2.85 mile off-road jog with my daughter and Tucker the dog.

Wednesday 4 August: Family walk in the woods. Later core and power exercises (as Monday) with evening off -road run with Tucker (that lucky dog!).

Thursday 5 August: Hill repeat run followed by hill repeat bike followed by hill repeat run (and fall over by the time it’s all finished) followed by lunch and Chardonnay with parents-in-law and family. 

If you want to follow my trials and tribulations in the run up to the 2010 Duathlon World Championships, please email me and I’ll send you my daily or weekly diary (short or lengthy versions) … I can even be seen in my GB race-suit!

Mobile: 07770 647536

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