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Invu and IRIS join forces for accountancy market

Posted: 04/05/10 by Invu Services Limited

Invu PLC, a document management company, has announced a new white-label agreement with IRIS, the UK’s largest private software house. Under the agreement IRIS will sell Invu’s document management product to the UK accountants market as an integrated offering under the IRIS brand.

With 30 years experience, IRIS business critical software and services power the UK accountancy sector - over 14,000 UK accountancy firms rely on IRIS everyday to run their practice. IRIS offers customers a choice of specialist accountancy software and services managed under three leading brands - IRIS, PTP and Drummohr.

Colin Gallick, Invu’s CEO, commented: “The selection of Invu as the IRIS Accountancy Division’s document management partner of choice is a welcome endorsement of the Invu business and products. This partnership is a great fit for Invu. Over 500 accountancy practices have already enjoyed the benefits of using Invu Document Management. Invu has an excellent pedigree with accountants, working closely with IRIS will strengthen this. We look forward to continued and successful growth in this key market.”

Phill Robinson, MD, IRIS Accountancy Practice Solutions, added: “I am delighted to offer our customers the leading document management solution for UK accountancy firms, integrated with their IRIS Practice Suite, under the IRIS brand. We believe that the combination of IRIS with Invu for Accountants will deliver significant incremental business benefit for each of them. This is a further example of the innovation our customers have come to expect from IRIS in recent times.”

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