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County gritters on standby as more snow expected

Posted: 05/01/10 by Northamptonshire County Council

MGWSP, the highways service provider for Northamptonshire County Council, is working around the clock to keep routes in the county clear of snow and ice and is currently on standby to go out on another run. It is assessing the situation hourly and planning action as appropriate.

The fleet of 27 vehicles have already been out overnight and roads were pre-treated with salt in preparation for the rush hour this morning. 

Snow is expected from midday throughout the afternoon and looks likely to continue through to the early hours of tomorrow morning.

For the remainder of this morning, while snow showers are light, MGWSP is focusing on gritting footways in the main shopping and pedestrianised areas and refilling grit bins across the county. It will not be possible to refill all of the 1729 salt bins, but all available resources are being used to maximise the amount of bins filled. Salt bins are there for the public to use on the highways and footways and MGWSP are urging people not to empty these bins for private use. Salt can be purchased for this purpose from DIY shops at very little cost.

The forecast does indicate that the snow fall will get heavier and presently 4cm is expected, possibly more in the south of the county, but this forecast is changing hourly. This afternoon, as heavier snow showers reach the county, resources will be diverted to carry out road gritting. The fleet has been fitted with snow ploughs and will be working throughout the night.

As always, drivers are being asked to take care, particularly on untreated smaller roads.

Motorists are being urged to leave plenty of time for their journeys and drive appropriately for the road conditions and, where possible, stick to main roads. When travelling please be aware that stopping distances are increased.

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