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Antimicrobial Brass Door Openers are NOW IN STOCK

Posted: 22/07/20 by ID Card Centre Ltd

Antimicrobial Brass Door Openers are NOW IN STOCK

As people begin to return to the office, it’s more important than ever to reduce the number of surfaces that we come into contact with. Whether its door handles, elevator buttons, access control keypads or kitchen taps and cupboards- we can easily pick up bacteria which could potentially be harmful.

The door opener tool has a notch at the end for button pressing which sits on the end of the hook arm for a better grip of door handles. It also features a small eyelet near the finger loop which is fit for most keychains - meaning you can attach this tool to your existing lanyards and cardholders!

This tool is a handy accessory which can be attached to your belt or work trousers with the clip. This badge reel allows for quick release and its easy to pull on the cord too which makes the tool hassle-free.

Perfect for those working for companies with larger staff base and also those who work in retail and shopping malls, as this handy keychain will be useful for opening doors, pressing lift buttons and also any access control keypads. Unlike some door opening tools available, this door opening tool with a badge reel attached is available in single units so it’s ideal for those who also work for individual and smaller retailers.

To find out more about these antimicrobial door openers which are now in stock and available for next day delivery in the UK, visit the ID Card Centre website where you can place an order online!

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