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AJS Express Moves Home

Posted: 05/11/19 by AJS Express Parcels Limited

AJS Express Moves Home

​AJS Express is delighted to announce we have moved into a unit. There were many reasons for this but the first and foremost reason was parking for our vehicles.

We have chosen the Leyland Trading Estate in Wellingborough as our new base of operations, the main reasons for this is because it is situated roughly 15 minutes from both the A45 and the A14 enabling us to have great reaction times for our customers.

We also selected Leyland because of its security and how safe we feel our vehicles and belongings will be, Whittle Jones have been great supporting AJS as a new business.

What does this mean for the future of AJS? Well, in short, big things.

  1. Enabling us to move deeper into the parcel delivery side of the business
  2. Facilitate our new offering of overnight pallets
  3. Dedicated base of operations without interference from the cats
  4. Light storage and distribution (more to follow)
  5. All us to develop all ideas and follow them through to fruition

Now to actually put some stuff in the unit

AJS would like to thank everyone for the support and advice we have received up to this point, you know who you are but a special mention to Gary & Neil of GPW, Robyn Allen of RAS, Verity of IMC, Simon Bonanno of Nene Legal and a shout out to the Northants Chamber.

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