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A Best-in-Class Sales Team, Starts with Best-in-Class Sales Leadership

Posted: 03/12/19 by Competitive Edge Training & Consultancy

A Best-in-Class Sales Team, Starts with Best-in-Class Sales Leadership

Many businesses want more from their sales teams; whether the business is thriving or is only just surviving. This has become even more prevalent against an increasingly demanding market backdrop; tougher competition, political and economic challenges, not to mention changing customer expectations and demands. Research tells us that business is changing (constantly), because the world is changing, indeed change is all around us, and it’s relentless. Hence, businesses demand more from their salespeople; they want them to think differently, they want them to adopt different approaches, add more value, be consultative, in addition to driving more activity and ultimately better results.

All of that, however, is far more difficult than it might seem, and just telling the sales team to do something different isn’t helpful, that won’t work, it never has, and it never will. The reason it’s difficult is because, if businesses want all these things from their salespeople, then learning needs to happen and behaviour needs to change. Similarly, just telling someone to change their behaviour won’t work, and more often than not, behaviour change doesn’t come from reading a book, or completing a 30-minute e-learning module. That’s because the brain is complex, human behaviour is complex, and it’s habitual. So, if the right behaviours are going to be nurtured, it requires the right approach, the right expertise and learning methodology, and it starts with the sales leadership. It starts with the sales leadership because they have a tremendous responsibility. A responsibility to inspire, empower and coach, and to build trust, confidence, collaboration and passion. The leader sets the tone, one of high ethical standards, and must build the fundamental pillars on which a high-performing team thrives; these include establishing a clarity of purpose, building collaboration and unity, instituting high levels of team integrity, providing strategic direction and fostering commitment from individuals towards the necessary activity. Those are the key elements and behaviours that will lead to high-performing sales results, so it starts with high-performing sales leadership.

One outstanding and highly successful business that gets this completely is #Kärcher UK, and this week Competitive Edge commenced a Sales Leadership Development Programme with their sales leaders. The programme will be modular, over twelve months in duration and focused on nurturing best-in-class leadership behaviours. Our approach is carefully balanced between the provision of proven theory and the experiential learning challenges and activities, which serve to support the requisite shift in thinking, transfer of learning and ultimately behaviour change. Kärcher is the leader in its demanding and changing markets and it intends to stay there. They are passionate about providing their customers with outstanding products, leading-edge technology and service excellence. They are equally passionate about their people, supporting them and investing in their development to ensure their potential is unlocked and their performance is enhanced. This is great leadership in a constantly changing environment and a constantly changing world.

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