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Five reasons why Apprenticeships are good for business

Posted: 07/02/19 by JBC Skills Training Ltd

Five reasons why Apprenticeships are good for business

Apprenticeships are evermore attractive to employers of any size, who are searching for fresh new talent and ideas within their company. JBC Skills Training specialises in Tech Apprenticeships, covering IT, Digital Marketing, Software and Cyber Security.

Below, they have listed five reasons why you should consider Apprenticeships in your company.

1. Productivity and return – 78% of employers say that hiring an Apprentice has increased productivity, with 73% reporting a boost in staff morale within the workplace. It was also reported that overall, there was an improved business performance. Research has suggested that hired Apprentices have chosen the Apprenticeship route because of a strong desire to begin working, and will perform to the best of their ability in order to prove their worth within the workplace. The Centre for Economics and Business Research calculated that on average, an Apprentice generated an annual return of £1,670 in 2013 to 2014.

2. Opportunities for local young people – Apprenticeships provide local young people with incredible opportunities to gain a step on the career ladder in their chosen field. Hiring an Apprentice shows a strong commitment to the surrounding community.

3. Staff retention – 69% of employers say that employer Apprentices improved staff retention. 65% of Apprentices stay working for the company that trained them when they complete their Apprenticeship. If employees feel valued and invested in, it makes them more likely to stay in the business.

4. Upskill current employees – JBC often speak with many businesses who do not realise that Apprenticeships can be used to upskill current employees within the company. By offering employees the opportunity to upskill and reskill on the job, critical skills gaps can be addressed and filled, and also future projects and ventures can be prepared for. Identifying potential staff who would be suitable for an Apprenticeship shows them that you are investing in their development and also how much you value them. This increases morale and motivation, as well as improving the employees job satisfaction and nurturing a stronger sense of loyalty.

5. Improves company image – 67% of employers say that employing Apprentices improved their image within their chosen sector. Trust in a business is key; what a business does and what a business says are two very different things. People are much more interested in how they support local young people in the community to enter employment, than publishing statistics on tax paid over the last financial year, for example.

To discuss how JBC Skills Training and your business can work together to provider an incredible opportunity for a local young person or upskill existing members of staff, please feel free to drop an email at or give Joe a call on 02476 999438. Alternatively, you can visit their website to learn more about the programmes JBC offer.

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