Brexit and International Trade

At the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce we are dedicated to helping businesses make sense of Brexit. Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions and the latest intelligence on Brexit related developments on trade.

At this stage, we do not know what the final EU-UK deal will be, but we do know what has been proposed in the draft Withdrawal Deal & Political Declaration and what a “hard Brexit” or “no deal” scenario would look like. By understanding how either Brexit scenario would affect your business, you will be in the best possible position to respond to whatever the final deal contains.

MPs definitively rejected the Prime Minister’s Brexit Withdrawal Deal & Political Declaration in a meaningful vote on the 15th January 2019. However, further attempts may yet be made to renegotiate elements of it and/or return it to the Commons for a second vote (along with a number of other scenarios). We will continue to update this Q&A as more information becomes available.

What follows are key questions that we receive from businesses about Brexit related topics and information on what we know to date from negotiations (where applicable) and what would happen in the event of a “no deal” Brexit.

For more information on the draft Withdrawal Deal and Political Declaration click here for “Brexit FAQs” from the British Chambers of Commerce.

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