Wellbeing Week

As a Chamber we champion the people who are behind the businesses we represent, and we understand the enormity of the changes 2020 has brought. Workplaces have changed, jobs have been altered, lifestyles are different – all without warning or choice. Looking after ourselves and our colleagues is vital, which is why we are excited to be hosting Wellbeing Week, 23 – 27 November.

Offered virtually, Wellbeing Week seeks to address the varying aspects of everyday life that impact a person’s happiness and motivation. Proudly sponsored by HR Solutions, sessions are free to join.

Monday 23rd November 10-11am

ChamberLIVE: Power Up Your Positivity
Susan Royle – Harmonisation Ltd

We look forward to sharing some 3 minute tips on how to recharge, refocus and power up for productivity by delivering some simple practices that can be done at the desk, at lunch time or at home. Giving you the tools to take a few minutes to power up for productivity in the real world of zoom, transitioning into a new way of working and keeping space for your own wellbeing. We will include, Recharging yourself, relaxing the mind, resting the eyes, stretching the body and breathing to energise and boost your brain.

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Tuesday 24th November 10-11am

ChamberLIVE: Mental Health Awareness
Dominic Greenwood – HR Solutions

This webinar will cover:
o What is Mental Health?
o What is a Mental Health First Aider?
o Role and Responsibilities of the Mental Health First Aider
o Impact of Mental Health
o Mental Health Stigma
o Common Mental health Conditions
o Useful Links

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Wednesday 25th November 2pm-3pm

ChamberLIVE: Mindset

Shalom Lloyd - Naturally Tribal Group

The power in our thoughts and beliefs – our mindset will ultimately determine our actions and responses to situations. Why does it matter? A personal journey and experience that has been driven and guided by the power of one’s state of mind.

Thursday 26th November 10-11am

ChamberLIVE: Good Mood Food
Shannon Howe – I Cook You Serve

Good mood food. What, when and how we eat is a foundation to our wellbeing. Food can be used to support your mental and physical wellbeing in the same way as mindfulness and yoga can. In our presentation, we will look at foods that will give you a boost on a good day and a bad day. Good mood food can make a difference in your life but also throughout your household.

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Friday 27th November 10-11am

ChamberLIVE: Mental Health in the Workplace
Dominic Greenwood – HR Solutions

This webinar will cover:
o Legislation & Guidance
o Work related Stats
o Building a positive culture
o Five Steps to Mental Health
o Documents to use

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Friday 27th November - 3pm-4pm
Friday Wellbeing Wind-down Networking

End the working week on a high with an informal, fun networking session. Moderated by experienced Chamber staff who know how to keep the conversation flowing, ensuring you can make connections that matter.

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All events open to Northants & MK Chamber members, free to attend, no limit on attendees to ChamberLIVE events but 1 per business at the networking.

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