Awards Categories 2019

The categories for the Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019 are listed below.

The winners in selected categories will go on to compete in the British Chambers of Commerce’s (BCC) regional business awards for the East Midlands, with winners from this progressing to the BCC’s national awards in November.

The Northamptonshire Business Awards are free to enter and are open for entry from Friday 18 February to Friday 10 May 2019.

All Northamptonshire businesses are eligible to enter.

The winner of the Business of the Year Award will receive a cash prize of £10,000, with the winner of each category receiving £1,000 of marketing support from the Northamptonshire Chamber.

Best use of Technology

This award recognises organisations that have fully exploited the range of technology available to them to grow their business. Entrants for this award must demonstrate how they have used the power of technology to transform their business.

The judges will be looking at:

• The range of technology used in conducting day to day business

• How technology has improved the businesses processes and efficiency

• The use of technology to improve customer service and engagement

• How the above practices influence the organisation’s supply chain

High Growth Business of the Year

This award is open to businesses of all sizes and recognises businesses that have experienced exceptional growth in sales, profit, market share, jobs or international trade. Judges will be looking for an organisation that can demonstrate the highest levels of growth with a strong plan for sustainable financial performance.

The judges will be looking at:

• Significant growth and/or expansion

• Innovative products, services, applications and/or operations

• Financial performance

• Plans for further growth and/or expansion

Employer of the Year

This award recognises organisations that demonstrate excellence in the promotion and implementation of a learning and development culture. Entrants for this award must communicate how this culture has contributed to the business achieving outstanding success.

The judges will be looking at:

• Why learning and development is important to the organisation

• How training needs and skills requirements are assessed

• Investment, commitment and support given to staff

• Direct benefit gained by both individuals and the organisation

Workplace Wellbeing Award

This award recognises businesses that are creating an environment for their employees to succeed by demonstrating their commitment to the health and wellbeing of their workforce.

The judges will be looking at:

• Evidence that the health and wellbeing of your employees is embedded in your businesses culture;

• The activities that your organisation undertakes to promote and encourage the positive health and wellbeing of your staff;

• How you assess your employee’s health and wellbeing needs;

• The impact that your health and wellbeing initiatives have had on your employees and the wider business.

Customer Commitment Award

Recognising organisations with a focus on customer service and care this award has been designed for businesses who can demonstrate excellence and commitment in the ever important area of customer service. Judges will be looking for:

The judges will be looking at:

• A robust customer service strategy and evidence of how this is implemented

• Evidence of a strong business performance

• How customer care is tied into staff development plans and how this has driven business growth.

E-Commerce Business of the Year

This award is open to businesses of all sizes and recognises businesses where e-commerce has played a pivotal role in the growth of the business. Entrants must be able to demonstrate the methods and insights used, and how this has lead to the continuous improvement of the online experience.

The judges will be looking at:

• Methods used to identify, attract and convert new customers

• How the customers’ online experience is understood and monitored

• Insight gained and how this was used to optimise the website

• Marketing techniques used including Social, SEO, Paid Search, Email

Export Business of the Year

This award recognises the strength of Britain’s international businesses. Entrants for this award must stand out from the crowd on the International stage and demonstrate that they have generated significant and/or sustained increases in their export and/or import activity.

The judges will be looking at:

• The level of exports/imports when compared to the size and sector of the organisation

• The barriers that have been overcome e.g. languages

• The degree to which products/services are new and markets non-traditional

• Innovative approaches to establishing and entering new markets

Small Business of the Year

Open to organisations employing up to 75 full time members of staff. This award will go to the company that has achieved consistent growth backed by a strong financial performance, while demonstrating a clear understanding of the markets that it operates in.

The judges will be looking at:

• What differentiates the company’s products/services from their competitors

• Strong managerial and financial performance

• Innovation

• Potential for growth

• Evidence of the businesses commitment to staff

Apprentice of the Year

This award recognises the rising stars who will become the business leaders of tomorrow. Open to all current or past apprentices aged 16–25 years old who can demonstrate they have made an exceptional contribution to their workplace.

This award category can be entered by individuals or a company can complete the entry on behalf of an employee or colleague.

The judges will be looking at:

• The unique skills that the entrant has bought to the business

• Evidence of achievements and challenges overcome

• Evidence of the entrant using their initiative

Business of the Year

This overall winner will be chosen from the winners of each category.

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