Why Your Business Should Use Biometric Systems

Is your business up-to-date with the latest security technology? If not, you might want to continue reading this article! Biometric systems are no longer reserved for the likes of James Bond, but it can be used in more places than your smartphone. Today, we are going to tell you why your business should use biometric systems.

Office Security - Although you might recognise a high-tech iris scanner, unlocking a room full of gold or containing top-secret information from your favourite movie, iris scanning, and fingerprint technology is something that is becoming increasingly popular in UK offices. Installing this high-tech equipment will give your business the advantage of allowing only approved personnel access to your office spaces.

Enhance Cyber Security - With biometric technology, you can improve computer security by using multi-factor authentication solutions on your PC’s. In this way, biometrics don’t protect your business physically but digitally too.

Easy Entry - One common reason people don’t have biometrics installed is that they still live in the dinosaur age and believe that biometrics will be too complicated to use! But that’s where they are wrong. The best thing about biometric systems is that they are extremely easy to use and at the same time they boost your business’ security. All your employees need to authenticate who they are is themselves, it couldn’t be any easier.

Admin Costs - Overtime using biometric systems will cut costs and save you a shed load of time. Registration on a fingerprint system, for example, is low-cost and speedy and employees will never have to waste time resetting passwords or acquiring replacement smartcards for the ones they have lost.

Catering - Another way biometric systems are great fun is for speedy catering. Nobody likes waiting for their food, and if you install a biometric fingerprint system, nobody has to! The biometric system will attract more of your employees to eat on premises and purchase food from your canteen as the service they receive will be quick and enjoyable.

Productivity - The productivity and quality of your employee’s work will improve with biometric systems. Although you might not think it, simple things such as technical problems (i.e. forgotten passwords), decreases the quality of your employees’ work. Also, installing a biometric system in the canteen will mean that employees will have more time on their hands, resulting in getting those tasks completed that they were running out of time to do.

Improved Audit Trails - Biometric systems mean that everyone is who they are, guaranteed. This is useful during a security incident or emergency. Employers will know exactly who was there and when in the office. For emergencies, this information is critical as it can help solve office disputes.

Attendance - Work attendance is usually recorded automatically. However, by installing a biometric system, you know exactly when your employees walked into the office, when they walked out, and how long they spent on their lunch break! There can be no disputes about hours worked as after all the biometric system cannot lie!

Introduce a biometric system into your business to stay ahead of the curve. This technology is continuing to grow on a daily basis, due to the improved reliability and security that they bring. Act today and create a work environment that it fit for purpose for years to come. Speak to a member of our team today to discuss your options. Telephone: 01604 259467 Email:

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