What did an A list wedding, a Formula One car and a government test facility all have in common?

Answer: The need for secrecy and privacy.

The A list wedding had an exclusive magazine deal and couldn’t risk photos being leaked before going to press.

The new Formula One car’s closely guarded new design could not be seen by competitors.

And the government work is so closely guarded we can’t mention anything other than it involves the MoD.

So how do you overcome the need for secrecy and privacy in all these stations? Especially in a time where 71% of the UK population own a smart phone (and 93% own a mobile phone!)?

You could insist that any person attending, visiting or working on site hands over their mobile phone on arrival. This, whilst no doubt effective, creates other issues:

It’s a huge administrative undertaking to collect the phones, accurately log who they belong to and then ensure they get back to the right person.

You’ll need to ensure you have secure storage, large enough to accommodate all the phones (and potentially tablets and laptops too!).

If they’ve not been turned off (or set to silent or airplane mode) then you risk several phones ringing all at once so you’ll want the storage area out of the way of any work/guest areas.

You’ll need insurance to cover replacing any of the devices if they are lost or damaged whilst being stored.

And then there is the inconvenience to the phone holder themselves. What if they are expecting an urgent call? Or maybe they just need to use the phone whilst on site for work purposes – after all our phones today are an extension of our computer and office environments.

So what is the solution?

The Cam-block. Mobile Device Camera Blocking Stickers.

The Cam-block is a small sticker that is stuck over the camera lens on a smart phone, tablet or laptop that completely obstructs the lens, ensuring any photos taken are completely black.

The sticker can be easily removed and leaves no residue. However, as soon as it is removed a tiled VOID image appears across the surface of the sticker – making it perfectly obvious if the sticker has been tampered with.

The stickers can be personalised with a company logo, are available in dual sets (for both the front and rear facing cameras) and are printed with sequential numbering to make logging and tracking of devices against visitors on site a simple administrative task.

Simply hand the Cam-block sticker to the visitor on arrival and log the number before fixing it over the camera lens. When the guest leaves, check their device and ensure the sticker matches the number on their visitor entry and that the sticker hasn’t been tampered with. No storing of phones, no insurance needed and the visitor guests to keep their phone with them at all times.

A simple, cost effect solution to a potentially very expensive problem!

So what else did the A list wedding, F1 car factory and government test facility all have in common? They all used the Cam-block of course!

Contact us today and we’ll help you to keep your secret safe.

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