Transforming The Sporting Experience In 3 Steps!

It’s 2019, and sports arenas are facing serious problems with their rival competition…the couch and TV! The advancement of entertainment technology has put a large dent in the sales for live sports events. Determined to fight back, many arenas are looking to upscale the visitor’s experience and engagement, so that the arena experience is one-of-a-kind and not easily replicated by staying at home. One way arenas are doing this is through the use of digital signage and today we will tell you how digital signage can transform the sporting experience.

Old digital signage displays usually guide you to the nearest bar or toilet. But coupled with WiFi and Beacon technology, LED displays can be used for so much more. Today, digital signage can be used to ensure fans don’t miss a minute of the action when they pop to the bar or inform visitors of upcoming games, ticket upgrade options, to name a few.

Digital signage can link up to smartphone devices. Smartphones are now used everywhere and in arenas are often used to engage and interact with their favourite teams. In a recent study, 83 per cent of sports fans say they check their social networks whilst watching the live match. LED digital signage can display live feeds from fans posting pictures, videos and comments about the game. In addition to this, smartphones are a fantastic way for arenas and sports teams to get to know their audience. This can be things such as a person’s birthday or their seating preference. By knowing this information, you can provide a higher quality experience for your customers. For example, recognising when fans visit the arena on their birthday to watch a game, you can learn what their favourite drink is, and have it delivered right to their seat, all through the power of WiFi and Beacons. Or detect when they are walking past certain digital signage displays, you can display their name and a birthday message on the screen.

Overall, installing digital signage into your arena can be a game-changer, whether your arena is old or new. It is almost an instant revenue generator for the stadium when used correctly. LED displays will be sure to increase the value of tickets and enhance the overall customer experience whilst at the arena. Why not have them installed today, as the technology in arenas and living rooms is only going to continue to grow! If you would like more information, please get in touch. Telephone: 01604 259467 Email:

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