Top Ten Reasons for Being Sacked - You’re Fired

Watching The Apprentice on a Wednesday night is always a bit of fun because you know someone is going to have to suffer extreme humiliation and ultimately be fired which is great for TV. However the reality of being sacked is a much scarier and more stressful situation for an employee, and it can be a difficult direction to go down for the employer.

We have put together what we believe are the top 10 reasons that people get sacked:

  • Being late for work on a regular basis
  • Lots of sickness that is quite clearly ‘fake’ and shows a lack of respect to the organisation
  • Someone who is too ‘difficult’ to manage or who creates an uncomfortable atmosphere in the office, can make a working environment an unpleasant place to be
  • Too much mobile phone usage, constantly messaging or taking personal calls can be disruptive and can interfere with workloads
  • Misuse of the internet especially when it comes to social media. Many people put their place of work on their Facebook/Twitter profiles and then post things about how awful their day has been which can put the company in a bad light
  • Under performing at work, not hitting targets or consistently not doing the job they were employed to do
  • Theft including cyber theft
  • Insubordination, being directly non-compliant with a general disregard for their role and not taking orders from management
  • New management bringing in their own people and having an organisation re-shuffle where people get ousted out of their jobs
  • Using inappropriate language on a regular basis, which may be deemed funny or appropriate by the person using it, but not acceptable for the workplace

Have you recently been fired? Or are you looking for your next role and not sure where to start? Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and speak to the team here at Johnson Underwood.

We always put people at the heart of everything we do and can help you find your next role. Send us an email or call us on 01604 626162.

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