Think before you buy - Do you really need it?

It’s the perfect time to remind you about a few things to consider when out sale shopping.

But before I do, I want to share with you a challenge I’m setting myself – a New Year resolution! I don’t normally do this but this year I am going full out… In light of the negative impact fashion is having on our environment I’m going to do my bit and not buy any new clothes for a year. The only concession to this will be presents and anything that is deemed essential (for example, things like wellies for dog walking). I’ll be getting Dr. C to check on this so you know that there won’t be any cheating, he’s a strict taskmaster and I’ve trained him well over the years to know what you need to ask yourself before making any clothes purchases! I know he’ll be tough and he isn’t one to buy clothes as presents so there’s definitely no cop out there!

I’ll let you know how I get on – how easy or challenging it is, how much do I try to bribe and borrow from family and friends, do I try and position a purchase as ‘essential’…

You might think this is crazy for a Personal Stylist, but not so, I’d say my wardrobe is pretty sorted. It’s got a capsule collection of clothes I need for my lifestyle requirements…so let’s put it to the test.

For those of you that have had a consultation with me, you’ll know my principles for a good capsule wardrobe and how this can make outfit selection so much easier. With the key garments in place getting dressed in the morning is so much easier - the only thing that might throw you is the unpredictability of the British weather!

So, back to sale shopping – if your wardrobe is not quite there and you are planning to do some sale shopping, you can’t go wrong if you follow these
3 Magic Rules!

Ask yourself –

  1. Will it go with 3 things already in my wardrobe? This is particularly important if you’re considering purchasing a skirt!
  1. Will I be able to wear it to 3 different events/occasions?
  1. Will it last 3 years?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to all of the above, you can safely make the purchase knowing it will become a well worn and loved piece in your capsule wardrobe.

I’ll be on Radio Northampton on Wednesday 16th January so listen in to Helen Blaby’s lunchtime show at 1:05pm for more style tips!

As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need my help.

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