The Skills Shortage

Brexit… It’s the one word we hear all the time and probably are pretty tired of. But regardless of how, when or under what terms we leave, I keep reading that there will be a shortage of certain skills in the labour market.

National Infrastructure Plan

So is there a shortage of people or skills? Certainly regardless of Brexit we’ll have lots of people who either aren’t working, or who want to move to more lucrative jobs, but how do we fill that gap…

Most know that we deliver Warehousing and Reach Forklift (R.T.I.T.B.) and that’s something very relevant to our local economy, you simply can’t but notice more and more logistics companies and warehouses popping up all over the county. I was at a meeting of the Northampton Logistics Forum just this week and many were talking about a lack of skilled labour to meet demand, something that we are actually in a position to help with.

It was actually the launch of the 2019 Logistics awards, which is a chance not only to highlight the amazing companies and workers in local logistics, but also highlights that in order to keep delivering that great service, there needs to be a skills pipeline.

However, more recently we have started delivering a Personal Track Safety course in association with AKS, which teaches you all the skills you need to work in rail maintenance and you get an interview with an employer at the end of it… Now, I love a trip on a train, but of course like many of us, never gave a thought to how the tracks and the rest of the infrastructure keep going, or rather I hadn’t really understood how many people are needed just to keep it all going. Well here are some incredible stats from the Dft.

It’s astounding and that’s even before you take into account the next huge UK infrastructure project High Speed 2 (HS2). The line will be 330 miles long, more than 140 miles of that route will be in tunnels or cuttings and as part of the build more than 2 million trees will be planted! The overall spend over the length of the construction is estimated to be around £36 Billion.

  • The rail industry employs around 190,000 people
  • Has 2,500 stations
  • Includes 20,000 miles of track
  • 40,0000 bridges and tunnels

And that’s all before you consider how many people will be needed to make that happen… HS2 Jobs by 2020

So lots of work, but what about the money? Well pay for rail maintenance workers is pretty good and according to this piece, written in This Is Money it’s rising too! Pay for rail construction workers

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