Team Building needs great Communication

In the first blog of our series of four, ‘Team Building is all about Good Management and Leadership’ we focused on the important role and the impact leadership and management can have when building a great team.

In this blog we look at the need for clear communication. If we start with “good” communication, then “great” and effective communication will come if we work at making it so. It won’t just happen if we don’t try to understand how well we do and do not communicate now and how we can improve.

A new recruit to any team will have great expectations from management and colleagues to show them how things are done, what the rules are, and how to behave. Verbal, non-verbal and written communication all matter. These will be observed and judged by a new employee to increase their awareness of their new environment and wanting to settle in as soon as possible. When this happens, new recruits can increase their productivity quickly.

Good communication is also about choosing the right approach to get a message across, or provide training or information.

A new recruit’s induction programme should be managed by their line manager because they will have an overview of what is needed, including:

• All relevant Health and Safety measures.
• Introductions to management, colleagues and the general working environment.
• A “Buddy” or colleague they can go to if they have any general questions or something they need to know in the first month or so.
• Time allocated with key people in the organisation they will be working with.
• Training on internal company systems, equipment, and specific on-the-job training.
• An understanding of what’s expected of them and the team of which they are an important part and how this will be measured

If you would like an example template to use as a guide of what this programme might look like for you, email for a free copy.

Other key aspects of formal communication can include:

• One to One Supervision
• Team Meetings
• Department and Company Briefings
• Softer; social led events; coffee and a bun on a Friday

If you would like to receive example templates to use as a guide for the format of what these meetings might look like for you, email for your free example.

All good workplace practices have the potential to enhance reputation, profile, value, achievements and profits greatly, because, people talk and word gets out when you have clarity and a positive working environment. Openness and consistency are conducive for communication to become “Great Communication”.

That is so true at Johnson Underwood where we ensure we meet both our candidates and our clients and forge a clear understanding of personalities sought for specific roles; what’s the saying “together we achieve more? We certainly do.

True too, for Karen’s Coaching Company which was set up to coach and provide “hands on” advice to managers and business owners on people management (at realistic costs) – and to develop their skills and awareness through personal & professional development; thus creating a positive impact on the workplace. To find out more about how you can benefit visit

Our next blog in this series will look at team members and their need for room to grow and understand their contribution to the success of the team.

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