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​Do you still make your employees put up with flip charts, watching them try to figure out your badly drawn diagrams with a dried-up marker pen about ready for the bin? It’s time to relieve the pain and project your meetings and communications processes into the 21st century by installing an interactive smartboard. Encouraging collaboration, boosting productivity and allowing your employees to make better use of their time.

If you haven’t realised by now, your employees will be far more productive if they are engaged and happy to be at work. You can ensure this happens with the use of innovative, touch-screen technology. Allowing employees to create, share and interact with rich web and other digital content and make your business communications clear and compelling, helping you to gain a competitive edge by minimising wasted time and motivating your staff. Don’t believe us? Let us show you some of the benefits an interactive smartboard can bring.

Engaging Meetings

On many occasions, you will remember what it is like to be stuck in a dull meeting that is going to last a lifetime, whilst sitting there drawling over the beer you’re going to enjoy at the pub later on at the pub! When you finally leave the meeting, you realise you have made half-hearted, incomplete notes that are utterly useless! By installing an interactive smartboard, your meetings will spring to life with stunning visuals, crisp sound and access to inspiring content and applications. You can automatically record notes or capture screenshots in real time which can then be shared to as many people as required when the meeting is over. Having a smartboard with up to 10 touch points allow ideas and planning sessions to become dynamic, as more than one person can work on the screen at any time. Don’t worry if your meeting room is small either…thankfully, smartboards come in a vast range of screen sizes, meaning they can be installed practically anywhere!

Enhancing Key Performance Indicators

Many businesses love to encourage their employees to have a bit of healthy competition within the workplace, as it helps to motivate them. Make the competition even more irresistible with the help of an interactive smartboard. For example, a reward system can be set up to keep team members engaged for longer. Individual standings are constantly displayed and updated on a leader board, so teams can see how they are performing in relation to other teams. Seeing this kind of data on a large screen format also means that teams can hold informal meetings more easily to really dig deeper into the analytics, manipulating the on-screen data and working together to identify where improvements need to be made. It also allows anyone to contribute, helping to inspire a ‘we’re all in this together’ mentality amongst staff, which will inspire higher performance at all levels.

Workflow Management

For years, businesses have been using a range of tools to monitor production and track workflow, but web-based tools like ‘Trello’ have brought things into the digital age. Displaying multiple projects on an interactive display allows everyone to see what stage various tasks are at and allows team members to move and update the status of cards on the communal screen without having to log into their own devices. Trello works in real time, so updates are instant and keep everyone informed. It makes collaboration simple and transparent and is ideal for sharing progress information in meetings or for allowing team members who are off-site to quickly update information, which can be shared with other members of the team. An informed workforce is likely to be more productive and efficient as individuals will feel that their contribution is making a difference - that everyone is working towards a common business goal. Interactive displays with their state-of-the-art digital technology can help foster that communality by helping with communication, engagement, training, collaboration, decision making and interaction, whatever business or organisation you’re in.

To finish off, the business environment is constantly changing and it’s not always easy to get people together in one place at the same time. By installing intuitive interactive displays with built-in PCs in offices and meeting rooms throughout your building and off-site in other locations, information and ideas can be instantly shared between teams. Documents and applications can be written over with digital ‘ink’ using a stylus pen or finger, images can be resized and moved around, ideas and data shared, and it’s easy to integrate with other useful applications to enhance presentations. Meetings can also be arranged and set up at short notice as there’s no messing around with wires or connecting to external sources. You simply walk in, switch on and begin. Adding collaborative software means that colleagues who are in other locations can interact with meetings remotely, cutting down on travel costs and unproductive time and speeding up the decision-making process.

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