Revealed: The world’s 10 best countries for tourists

Spain has been named the best country in the world for travel and tourism in 2019 in THE WORLD’S ECONOMIC FORUM’S LATEST ANNUAL SURVEY.

That’s an impressive title to achieve just once, but the European country has managed to bag the title every year since 2015.

Espana fended off competition from the likes of Australia, Japan and Canada to secure the accolade yet again after seeing it’s popularity bolstered by a world-class ranking natural and cultural resources - notably it’s vibrant cities and sunny beaches, as well as a diverse cultural programme that spans medieval festivals to contemporary art.

Infrastructure was another key factor, with Spain rating highly after investing millions of Euros in the past decade on updating roads, railways and airports. Travel and tourism contribute 5% towards Spain’s overall GDP, a figure that looks set to rise over the next decade.

All very Interesting you may be thinking, but which countries are up there for travel and tourism. Here’s the top 10.

1: Spain

2: France

3: Germany

4: Japan

5: United States

6: UK

7: Australia

8: Italy

9: Canada

10: Switzerland

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