Preparing a Modern Day Slavery Statement

Commercial organisations in the UK with an annual turnover of at least £36 million must publish a modern slavery statement each financial year, but a public consultation may result in changes that bring other companies into scope.

To help prepare for the changes Transformotion has produced some guidance on creating a Modern Slavery Statement. The statement must:

- Reiterate your commitment to tackling modern slavery

- Explain your organisational structure and supply chains

- Set out who has responsibility for anti-slavery initiatives

- Link to relevant policies

- State what due diligence of suppliers is carried out

- Provide an overview of key performance indicators

- Explain how you train staff in anti-slavery measures

- Flag up any awareness-raising programmes

Information that should be included:

- Business structure

- Slavery and human trafficking policies

- Parts of the business where there’s a risk of human trafficking taking place and the steps taken to assess and manage risk

- Effectiveness ensuring slavery and human trafficking is not taking place

- Training available to staff

Your statement will demonstrate how your organisation is acting openly and disclosing information on potential risks, undertaking actions that have the most impact and therefore the highest priority and detailing how the organisation is making continual progress to address risks and improve the outcome for workers.

Organisations are not required to guarantee that all of their supply chains are ‘slavery free’ but must detail the actions taken to deal with modern slavery risks, but keep in mind that Modern Slavery statements have to be renewed annually.

The relevant legislation requires the statement to be signed off at the highest level within the organisation and how the statement should be made available to the public. The link to the statement should be in a prominent place on the company’s homepage.

If you need more help to develop a statement or reduce the impact of slavery here are some contacts; click here

Ethical Trading Initiative click here

Home Office statutory guidance click here

CORE coalition click here

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