‘Meet the Finance Professionals’ Event a real success

I’m delighted to be able to report that last Friday’s event appears to have been very successful.

This is not just my opinion but is based on the positive feedback that we have had from both the SME’s and the Finance Providers who attended the event.

Our whole purpose was to give the owners/Managers of SME’s and Property Developers an opportunity to learn more about some of the different types of commercial finance that are potentially available to them. In this we seem to have succeeded at least as far as those that attended are concerned!

Meanwhile our thanks to the Finance Houses who supported us at the event, namely:

  • MetroBank
  • Barclays Bank
  • Hampshire Trust Bank
  • Ultimate Finance
  • Mavern Capital
  • Assetz Capital
  • White Oak

Our thanks also to Phil Jones and The iBOSS (Independent Business Owners Support Services Ltd.) for taking part in our event.

Our sincere hope is that even more SME’s will join us at our next event. This will likely be held at the same venue, Collingtree Park Golf Club who looked after us splendidly. The date for the next event will be announced shortly but is expected to be end April/early May.

These are Free events with the specific aim of helping business people to know who to turn to for advice on a range of topics from Business Finance to Planning.

No pressure, just a chance to discuss and learn more in a pleasant, informal atmosphere. We even provide a light lunch!

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