Managing Fleet Operational Costs

When we talk about managing fleet costs, it is easy to default thinking about procurement decisions to get the best possible deal at the time of purchase to minimise initial outlay.
Most of the cost is accrued throughout the life cycle of the vehicle while it’s on fleet. Having a good tariff on fuel cards, servicing and maintenance packages and insurance are all helpful to keep costs down, but they are all influenced by the way your vehicles are driven.

In addition, 3rd party services such as couriers and 3rd party vehicle hire may be required if your vehicles are off the road or not available. How do you measure these costs against the utilisation of your own fleet to ensure you are maximising efficiencies?

Labour cost will always make up a significant percentage of the average pence per mile, if you are utilising agency drivers how do you measure the hourly rate to ensure you and the driver are getting the best possible rates of pay?

At RoadWise we combine all the various cost factors into one easy to use dashboard. We are then able to study the symbiotic relationship between driver performance and cost profile of operating your fleet. The simple science is the safer we can make your drivers, the lower your operating costs become.

The reality is this is a challenging task and requires time, communication, and meaningful engagement to unlock the results. RoadWise help you get this right, often producing results of 200% + return on investment. It all starts with the driver.

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