Last Week I Changed a Client’s Life…

I’m now one year in to my new role at Fortitude Financial Planning and am really pleased I made the move. In my previous role as a Financial Adviser, I always did my best for my clients but as time went on I felt there was more that I could be doing though I didn’t know exactly what. At a conference I met up with a complete stranger who asked me what I did (he was also a Financial Adviser). We had a long discussion and he suggested I look into ‘Lifestyle Financial Planning’. I did just that and signed up for a course during which I started to see things differently; I had finally found that the missing piece of my jigsaw was Financial Planning.

This was a ‘wow’ moment for me!

I have come to understand that what really matters most to clients is that they have enough money to do the things they want to do and live the life they truly want whilst having reassurance that they will not run out of money during their lifetimes. This can only be achieved through the process of Financial Planning.

Last week I changed a client’s life! My client, Tony, worked in retail and thought that he would only be able to retire at 66 however he told me he would love to retire earlier so that he could venture into charity work, enjoy more time at his local theatre and go on more European coach holidays, all whilst he is fit and able to do so.

I have known Tony for many years and have always provided sound financial advice but have not previously had the tools to demonstrate whether he could afford to retire at age 66 or whether he has enough money to do more of the things he loves to do.

After gaining this understanding of what Tony really wants, I started the process of Financial Planning during which it became apparent that he could retire at age 66 which gave me a ‘goosebump’ moment…I couldn’t
believe what I was seeing. Then came another ‘wow’ moment as the process showed that he could retire a lot earlier than he thought…..he could retire NOW!! This meant that right now, 8 years earlier than he originally thought possible, he is financially independent! He only needs to work if he wants to and not because he has to.

As soon as I gave Tony this fantastic news the room went silent…you could have heard a pin drop! This was the moment I was waiting for…this was the moment that I have read about in all those books on lifestyle financial planning. My client had tears in his eyes and I had to fight back my tears….’wow’!

Since that moment Tony has left his employment and is applying for volunteer work with a number of charities. He has also filled his diary with the many shows at his local theatre for the rest of this year.

What value do you put on this?

What more can I say…..

Financial Planning really puts the client at the heart of the process. Financial Planning changes lives!


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