It is time to take a stand! When did you last consider uplifting your office space?

Take a stand, and bring your office into the modern world

It may come as a surprise to you that 36% of employees say that their employers’ performance towards staff well-being does not meet their expectations, and that 25% of employees are dissatisfied with their workplace. With people changing jobs an average of 7 times in their working life, can your business afford to go through the recruitment process again to replace such a large proportion of staff?

Simple changes you can make to drastically uplift your office space:

  • Take a Stand - Survey results suggest that the most tangible and popular way to reinvigorate an office, according to 35% of those asked, was the introduction of sit stand desks which give staff the choice of how to interact with their main workspace.
  • Peace and Quiet - Furthermore the introduction of a quiet working space was voted second most popular with 31% of participants wishing to have more secluded working space as an option.
  • Invest in your Tech - 40% of those surveyed said that laptops/ desktops are the most important technology in their workplace, and a shocking 29% of employees said that they would leave their job if dissatisfied with their laptop.
  • Bring the outside In - Many of those surveyed stated that in current workplace environments, employees are often left feeling ‘claustrophobic’ and ‘craving fresh air’. And, 41% of those surveyed considered outdoor space to be important, so there is definitely room for employers to introduce ways to bring the outside world in, and create more open, airy spaces which welcome a multitude of working styles.

Following these simple steps are great ways to uplift your office and introduce a better way of working for your employees.

If you would like more personalised options of how acs Office Solutions can assist you in your office refresh, get in touch to organise a chat with us today!

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