Introducing Maple (SHEQ) Management Services Limited

Mission Statement

Maple (SHEQ) Management Services Limited seek to create a lasting partnership with their clients through integrity, inspiration and passion in the pursuit of excellence in safety, health, environmental and quality management.

Maple (SHEQ) Management Services Limited provides the following resource:

  • Support for businesses, helping them to fulfil their potential in SHEQ disciplines.
  • Provide professional leadership in strategic planning for continual improvement in all SHEQ disciplines.
  • Valued and effective SHEQ management systems that are an essential part of a successful and sustainable business.
  • Experience to integrate SHEQ disciplines into the business, providing cost-effective solutions and benefits throughout the supply chain.

Maple (SHEQ) Management Services Limited offer a bespoke service to meet your needs. It will:

  • Improve existing safety, health, environmental and quality management systems;
  • Be practical and proportionate;
  • Take into account established industry standards and best practice;
  • Involve workers and managers in design and delivery;
  • Be based on an extensive knowledge and experience;
  • Concentrate on sensible, practical action to control risk, keeping paperwork to a minimum;
  • Be communicated effectively, without jargon; and,
  • Explain how the recommendations will benefit the business.

Work undertaken by Maple (SHEQ) Management Services Limited:

  • Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Management System Support (ISO45001, ISO14001, ISO9001).
  • Health, Safety & Environmental Audits.
  • Health, Safety & Environmental Inspections.
  • Gap Analysis.
  • Policies & Procedures.
  • Risk Assessments.
  • Safe Systems of Work.
  • Toolbox Talks, Safety Alerts/Bulletins.
  • Incident Investigation.

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