Do you have employees who regularly fly or stay in hotels?

Are you fed up with staff and/or customers losing their keys?

Do you manage children’s clubs or school trips?

Or perhaps you’re looking for a simple way to keep your brand in front of your customer on a day-to-day basis.

If you’re answering ‘yes’ in any way to the questions above, then it’s worth considering how mini cards could help you run things more smoothly.

What are mini cards?

Mini cards are small, keyring-sized fobs which can hold printed information, graphics, logos and barcodes. They can be fully branded and personalised. And this flexibility gives them a multitude of uses.

But what makes mini cards so practical to use?

It’s simple, really. Mini cards are:

  • Durable
  • Easy to attach
  • Waterproof
  • Light
  • Able to hold all types of information

With this kind of flexibility, it’s no surprise, therefore, mini cards have quite a diverse mix of uses. And we thought it would be useful to share some of these ideas with you.

Mini tags make fantastic business promotional giveaways

For businesses that would like to keep their brand and details under their customers’ noses, a mini tag is a fabulous way to do this. For example, MOT reminders. How useful would it be to have a reminder of the date of the next MOT permanently attached to the car keys? Branded with a logo and contact details on one side, and the date of the MOT on the other… brilliant!

Promotional keyrings

Branded mini cards make such a simple but useful giveaway at exhibitions and conferences. Keyring fobs with your logo and business information on one side, and a witty one liner on the other will ensure your details are spotted every day.

Loyalty cards

Businesses can easily run loyalty schemes for customers by giving them a mini card to attach to their keys. The logo and contact details can appear on one side, balanced by a barcode on the other.

Membership cards

For all those gyms etc. out there, how much simpler would it be for your customers to have a barcoded mini membership card attached to their car keys? So quick and easy to use… for everyone.

Luggage tags

If you have employees who are frequent flyers, the chance they’re going to lose a piece of luggage at some point is quite high. However, if a mini card is attached to every item, the dreaded empty airport luggage carousel loses its sting.

The same goes for hotels with porters. With a mini card attached, there’s no risk of the wrong bag being put in the wrong room.

Kit tags

Do your staff regularly carry their laptop around? Is there other office kit, e.g. projectors or screens, which get carted from place to place frequently? Attaching a mini card with your logo and contact details will give you and your staff peace of mind. If anything is left on a train or in a hotel by mistake, it WILL make its way back to you.

Keyring tags

Do you run a Bed & Breakfast? Or a micro hotel? Mini cards make great durable key ring fobs for room numbers, etc. Or, how about this? Perhaps your office block has a gym and locker room. Again, mini card key fobs are a great way to match a locker with a key.

Group sporting event ID

Does your company enter group sporting events? It’s a great team-building opportunity, of course, and it’s an ideal way to build your brand. Mini cards printed with your logo and each team member’s contact and emergency medical details not only helps enforce a sense of ‘team’, it also helps you fulfil your obligations for each person’s health and safety. That’s not to mention, of course, the fact that your company is being promoted positively at the same time. It really is win/win for everyone.

Children’s tags

This is more than a peace of mind thing, this is about safeguarding. Field trips, school trips, Brownies, Cubs or Beavers. All are opportunities for a child to go missing. If they are wearing a mini card holding appropriate information, they’ll be reunited with a responsible adult far faster than if they aren’t.

If, now that you’ve read this, we’ve raised some possibilities in your mind about using mini cards, then please do give us a ring. We’ll quickly be able to understand what you’re trying to achieve and explain whether it’s possible or not. And there’s nothing more satisfying to us than discovering a new solution to a problem!

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