How you can cut the cost of private medical insurance and benefit from it

I attended a Chamber of Commerce event recently on the benefits to members. One of the speakers was from AXA. She explained that member businesses are entitled to a 50% discount on the premiums for the first 3 years. On top of that the premiums are discounted for Chamber of Commerce members, even small firms, because their membership is treated as one large group much like a large company scheme.

I was surprised to learn that the cost of insuring my team of 8 staff including me was only 3 times the cost of insuring me individually! As the cost was so competitive I wasted no time in agreeing to proceed! My staff are delighted.

I have had treatment in private hospitals on just two occasions and I really enjoyed the experience. It is much like staying in a hotel. The patient service is excellent, the decor, the furniture and equipment is top class, it is ultra modern, and the staff service is second to none.

You do get treated much more quickly than with the NHS which is a considerable benefit. This was the reason I took out private medical insurance in the first place. As a business owner I felt it was imperative to be able to to return to work very quickly after an illness or injury. I have never regretted having private medical insurance even though I have only made 2 claims. It is great peace of mind knowing you have a policy to cover you in the event of ill health.

Tony Byrne - Wealth and Tax Management

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