How to exhibit successfully

Exhibiting at a business expo is a great way to market your business and get your name out there in your networking community. It gets you great exposure and gives you the opportunity to network with hundreds of other business owner’s whist really showing what you’re all about.

But that’s just the beginning. Believe it or not, it’s not enough just to book a stand, turn up and hope for the best. You’ve invested time and money into this, so you need to make the most of it.

Here are our top five tips to exhibiting successfully and making the day one to remember for you and your business;

1) Get marketing! Don’t fill out the booking form and think that’s your job done. This should be a “key date” in your marketing strategy and your appearance at the expo should be all over social media. Don’t rely on the organiser to get your name out there. They have a hundred other businesses to promote too so no-one will give you the same attention as you can. Splash it over every platform at every opportunity!!!

2) Get there early! Don’t turn up just before the crowds do. You need to make sure you’re entirely happy with your stand before the visitors start walking through the doors. You should also give yourself the opportunity to get to know the venue. Even down to the toilets. The hope is that you will be extremely busy throughout the day so it’s essential you can make a quick dash and know where you’re going if you need to.

3) Make it pretty! There will be a lot of other business owners attending so you need to stand out. You don’t have to spend an absolute fortune on freebies for everyone but put some thought into the image you want to present on the day. Will your stand be inviting and make people want to stop and talk to you?

4) Network with the other exhibitors. This is an absolute no-brainer, yet so many people don’t understand the power in this. If you get there early, you will have the opportunity to walk around the other stands and start building those relationships with other business owners. Remember, you are there to do business, so logic should tell you that those who have also paid good money to be there are probably looking to do business too! These are the people who will make your day a success. The reality is, visitors are a bonus, other exhibitors are the ones who will make or break your day!

5) Stand in front of your table and smile. There is nothing worse than visiting an exhibition to be met with a business owner sat behind the table, head down or on their phone. Why on earth would you pay all that money to then alienate your entire audience? I understand it can be intimidating to exhibit but if you feel that way, imagine what it’s like to be a visitor who is forced to walk around aimlessly because no one seems approachable. You need to be inviting, friendly and smile at everyone. If you don’t go home with painful cheeks, believe me, you did it wrong!

Make your day count. Don’t just assume it will happen. You have to MAKE it happen!

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