How do I find an ID badge supplier? Where do I start?

It’s never easy finding a new supplier for a product that you may never have used before.

It’s a huge learning curve, and you’ll no doubt experience moments of feeling outside of your comfort zone.

Finding a company to work with on ID cards and ID badges is no different.

So we thought we’d make your life a little easier by highlighting six key questions you should ask before you decide.

We mean this most politely but when it comes to ID cards, businesses often think they know what they need. The problem is they aren’t always fully aware of all the options open to them. A good supplier will take the time to learn about their customer. They’ll take the time to understand the business needs, procedures and objectives. And only then will they be in a position to recommend the right ID badge solution.

Working to a tight deadline isn’t easy for anyone. But when it comes to security and ID cards, getting a system up and running quickly can be crucial. You need to check your supplier genuinely understands not only what your deadline is, but also has the capacity to achieve it. Don’t just accept nodding heads… ask for references and check out how actual performance met a referee’s expectations.

The term ‘cost-effective’ is a buzz phrase used in a lot of marketing material. It also rattles off a salesman’s tongue all too easily. But it’s important to bear in mind that no product is cost-effective if it’s cheap but not quite the right fit for your business… or worse still late!

Meeting your obligations with respect to data security and personal information isn’t just a nice-to-have… it’s the law. The Information Commissioner doesn’t take kindly to companies ignoring their responsibilities in this regard. Failing to do so can come with a hefty fine, not to mention unhappy employees. Choose the right supplier who understands how data protection can be ensured within your set up, and you’ll avoid a lot of trouble.

ID cards aren’t just used nine to five. In a world where 24/7 is the norm, access to buildings, offices, events etc. is required all the time. If you need support urgently then it’s critical that you know how to get it and that your supplier provides out of hours support options for you.

And following on from the above point, often when you have a query you actually need to pick up the phone to speak to someone (whether it’s out of hours or not). The issue you’re tackling needs something other than just a standard solution. Speaking to an automated system isn’t going to get the answer for you quickly. In fact, you’ll just find your blood pressure rising as the minutes tick by…

6 Questions you should ask of any new badge supplier…

1. Do you understand my business?

2. Do you understand my time pressures?

3. Do you understand what cost-effective really means?

4. Do you conform to the Data Protection Act?

5. Do you have an out of hours phone number?

6. Will I be dealing with a real person or an automated system?

So, armed with the above, if you’d like to put us through our paces in recommending the right ID badge system for your organisation, then please give us a call on 01604 422422!

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