How 30 Years of WWW Has Changed Recruitment

It was the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web on 12th March 2019 which was first proposed by Sir Tim Bernes-Lee in 1989.

How our lives have changed because of it. Long gone are the days of researching and pouring over books in libraries, a simple visit to Google and you can have your answer in seconds and finding a service by scouring the Yellow Pages is no longer, as it is all online. Looking for a job? There is no need to buy all the local newspapers, a simple job search on one of the many job boards is all it takes, and the opportunities at your fingertips are abundant.

The wonders of the web have made the world of recruitment a two-way street. 30 years ago, there was no where that you could advertise your CV and your skills. You would simply comb the job adverts on a particular day of the week and call the companies up. People most probably would have faxed over their CV or simply arranged an interview and taken it with them.
These days, if you want a new role you can really open yourself up to be contacted by both recruitment agencies and the companies themselves, giving yourself the best possible chance. But how safe are you details online? And how do you know who is really looking at your personal data? The point is, you don’t.

Once you post your CV on a job board, you have no idea who might be able to access this, and that is a somewhat scary thought. People share a whole load of information including address details, how many children they have had (usually mentioning maternity leave), date of birth and sometimes photos too! Also, you are potentially alerting your existing employer to the fact you are looking for a new role without even realising it. Yes, GDPR is in now in place, providing potential candidates with some element of security and peace of mind but in theory, you still don’t really know.

At Johnson Underwood, we would never send your CV to anybody without your consent, and because we meet all our clients prior to arranging interviews, we have a very clear idea of who and where people’s personal information is going to. We adhere to very strict guidelines as defined by the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) and our GDPR process and confidentiality levels are much more robust than any online job board.

It may be 30 years since WWW became so huge and since Johnson Underwood first opened its doors as a recruitment agency and business, and whilst technology has grown allowing the recruitment industry to expand, if a safer and more secure job search is what you are after, please email or call 01604 626162.

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