Fibre broadband key to growing Alde UK’s digital infrastructure

The Northamptonshire site of Swedish manufacturer, Alde UK struggled with an ADSL connection as low as 2 mbit/s prior to Glide coming to their aid, but the arrival of business-grade broadband on Park Farm changed its fortunes.

ADSL prevalent but ineffective

Alde UK are the UK subsidiary of Alde International Systems AB, who manufacture state of the art central heating systems for caravans, motorhomes and boats.

Its Northamptonshire base covers distribution and service work, whereby it offers technical support over the phone.

In 2015 the business set its sights on developing its digital infrastructure.

With 20 people based in its office, the business had a growing need to progress beyond its ADSL connection, even though it was supplied by a major ISP.

Increasingly, businesses are looking to get more from their broadband.

In the 21st century, where everything is instant and runs smoothly (almost), it can be easy to take for granted quality internet. For others, like Alde UK, the reality of having broadband speeds that exceeded 2 mbit/s seemed far away.

With internet usage steadily growing year on year, case in point the 1% increase seen in 2017-18, when browsing is a challenge, it’s of real concern to businesses.
With the reality of a sub-par ADSL connection not being enough for Alde UK, Neil began assessing the technology available to the business.
ADSL refers to an Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, which is a method to transfer data across a standard telephone line.

“Our ADSL line was abysmal. We were experiencing slow speeds as low as 2 mbit/s, and it made things a real struggle, even just browsing. It was a position that was unsustainable for the future, and we knew that we had to start researching alternatives.” Neil Marsden, Executive Manager, Alde UK

Researching the best broadband for the business

Although many businesses rely on this form of broadband to this day, it is plagued by disadvantages, including the distance from the exchange impacting the speed of your internet.

For Alde UK, this gave cause for the business to research the different broadband available.

This process was one that wasn’t rushed. In fact, for three years there was room for broadband change in the budget, which led Neil to explore leased lines.

Balancing the costs, technology and durability of the leased lines, the decision was all but made to move forwards, but Glide’s arrival on Park Farm, and the fibre network that came with it, made Neil rethink the leased line option through a reseller:
Neil’s conversation centered around the needs of Alde UK, no one else’s.

“Glide’s presence on the business park was clear to see. Their green cabinets prominently featured their name, and a promise of ultrafast broadband from their own network. At that stage I picked up the phone and got through to Glide’s team to talk through the options available to Alde UK. The whole process went smoothly. I had a great conversation about my needs, whether leased lines were necessary, and ultimately what was best for the business.” Neil Marsden, Executive Manager, Alde UK

With knowledge of how the business was positioned to grow, and the role that broadband would have in this, Neil was introduced to the option of FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) broadband.

Neil, our business broadband expert, talked through the advantages of FTTC, including:

A low contention ratio up to 5:1, thanks to the Glide fibre network vs. the average up-to 20:1 of alternative broadband providers, and Assured speeds for the business - eliminating the unpredictability of ADSL

And the cherry on top? A superfast speed of 100 mbit/s upload and 40 mbit/s download - nice!
The FTTC option provided to Neil was one that had the power to open up a myriad of possibilities when it came to Alde UK’s digital infrastructure.

A stronger digital infrastructure

A key part of the research process, Neil appreciated that a faster internet connection was necessary to:
When it comes to securing a business’ digital assets, a cloud backup solution is the safest, technologically advanced means of doing so. It allowed Alde UK to support its customer support, and scalability with the introduction of new cloud apps.
With Alde UK introducing cloud backup, it also allowed for the expansion of its online app use. Previously using Sharepoint, the company moved towards Office 365, enabling the use of the full Microsoft suite no matter the location.
The move also allowed the business to update and get the most out of its wider digital technology, including actively managed services and VPN.
The impact that superfast broadband has had on Alde UK is tremendous to see, and encouraging for businesses in a similar position with their ADSL in the Northamptonshire area.

1) Introduce cloud backup

2) Move to Office 365

3) Update its digital technology

“The speeds promised to us have been spot on. The difference is night and day, and it’s amazing how quickly you can take the new broadband for granted. My team are no longer bogged down by the internet, and it’s enabled us to do more, with Office 365 just one example. But there are benefits that not everyone sees, and those are perhaps the most impressive - the improvement it’s had on our digital infrastructure.” Neil Marsden, Executive Manager, Alde UK

Moving into the future

For Alde UK, the benefits of fibre broadband outweighed purely cost-based analysis.
For more about Glide Business’ fibre to the cabinet solution head to our FTTC page.

“When the internet prevents you from growing, the future needs to be considered. Glide’s speed of delivery and overall experience made the difference after a three year search for the right solution. If Glide’s network extends to your business park, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend upgrading to their superfast broadband.’ Neil Marsden, Executive Manager, Alde UK

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Alternatively, find out if your business is covered by our network with our postcode coverage checker.

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