Door solutions to keep you cosy this winter

As the weather is starting to turn, your premises will need to be able to brace the elements over winter. We have a number of door solutions that can help keep you warm and protected over the colder months.

Our Roller Shutters are used to satisfy a number of applications, ranging from smaller commercial sites to large warehouses. Made of galvanised steel, they are able to withstand not only high frequency use but also adverse weather conditions.

There are also a number of options available to provide even more comfort. We can provide weather seals, which can minimise ingress of water and draughts, keeping you dry and warmer whilst the rain pours and wind whistles outside. In addition, we can supply an insulated sectional overhead door, which will reduce heat loss and conserve energy.

Your premises may have an opening which needs to be used frequently, which can lead to a door being left open all day. This may be okay in the summer, but in the winter can lead to huge amounts of heat loss (and very cold employees!). We provide a number of high speed doors which can help provide a solution. Opening and closing at a rate of 1 metre per second, our high speed doors can be opened at a moment’s notice. With a wide variety of sensor technology available too, our high speed doors can react quickly and safely. Due to it’s rapid response, it’s the perfect solution to those frequently used openings. There is also the option to add an insulated curtain too.

There’s no need to feel the cold this winter with the help of our doors. Interested in finding out how we could help you? Give us a call at one of our depots.

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