Do employers go far enough with employee welfare?

Most organisations rightly care deeply about the health and well-being of their employees because, ultimately, a healthy employee is more productive. Consequently, employee incentives to improve health are commonplace – Bike2Work schemes; breakfast supplies; gym membership; team building & charity events are the subject of many workplace area posters.

However, they are all products and I believe that giving a product isn’t enough.

Shiny new bikes don’t make you healthier – BUT being coached to better cycling fitness does.
Healthy breakfast supplies don’t improve your diet – BUT understanding overall nutrition does.
Undertaking a charity event is noble enough – BUT being fit enough for the challenge will transform your experience.

I firmly believe that each healthy ‘product’ should be accompanied by access to a service to help the employee make the most out of it. Even if your business can’t provide the service directly, there are many organisations that can and they will welcome the opportunity to do so.

A simple first step could be to build a list of approved service providers, such as coaching, nutrition and physiotherapy, in your staff handbook.

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