Celebrating Halloween at Work can Lead to Higher Employee Engagement

The wonderful and mystical world of All Hallows’ Eve isn’t just for avid trick-or-treaters anymore.

Whether you are solving the mystery of the missing stapler with the Scooby Doo gang, saving the office from unidentified fridge leftovers as your favourite superhero, or raising your company’s gross profit from the dead as a zombie, Halloween is a time when the whole office can get involved!

In accordance to research carried out by Great Places to Work, creating a working environment that celebrates seasonal events and holidays, can actually increase an office’s employee engagement. A study conducted by Gallup has also found that high employee engagement can, in turn, lead to at least a 20% boost in productivity.

Unless Halloween is worthy enough for you to have taken the day off, the 31st of October this year falls on a workday. So, what can you do for this spooktacular Halloween in the office?

Trick or treat yourself

Despite popular belief, trick-or-treating is not the only activity you can do on Halloween. Treating your team to some fun downtime and games can seriously raise morale throughout the office!

Some common hair-raising games include:

• Halloween bingo

• Toilet paper mummy

• Poke-a-pumpkin

• Baking competition

You could even offer creative prizes for the winners as an incentive to get involved.

If you’ve got it, haunt it!

Halloween brings out a whole host of costumes ranging from the cast of Thriller, Stranger Things, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, to household favourites such as Salt and Pepper, Smart Cookies and Sand-Witches (pun most certainly intended).

Costumes are one of the best ways to get the whole office engaged in the celebration! Urge your employees to embrace group costumes to build camaraderie.

Creep it real!

Halloween is a great time for employees to let loose and to add a little bit of fun to their working life. However, as a company, it is important to set boundaries for the day - you still have a company image to uphold, clients to meet and tasks to complete.

In order to ensure that you stay professional, but still have fun with your team, set some simple guidelines. For example, make sure that people know what constitutes as an appropriate and inappropriate costume for the workplace.

In an effort to save you from marketing horror stories, we at 123 Internet are putting together a hair-raising Halloween gathering, filled with trick or treats, not-so-nasty networking, and a wicked witches den, where we can tell you your marketing fortune. So, jump on your broom and fly by on the 29th for our Halloween Hoopla!

Keep safe and have a FANG-tastic Halloween!

Article written by Daisy-May Dowsing

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