Cam-block - Tamper Evident Stickers for Private Events

In the past, getting photographs of private material required careful consideration. Imagine a secret agent sneaking around a secure government facility or a spy snooping around a product development lab- reliant on their hi-tech gadgetry to get photos of private material. Today, people don’t need their camera’s disguised as a pen or shirt button- the infamous camera sunglasses are a thing of the past, too. Why? Today’s modern world has the ever-developing mobile phone camera, allowing quick and easy photography wherever they go.

The challenge

As the presence of mobile phones, cameras and technology increases, it gets more and more difficult for things to stay private. Once upon a time, exclusive shows, events or meetings could stay private because mobile technology wasn’t so prominent- but today it can be a huge challenge to make sure that photos aren’t being taken and shared. Anyone that uses social media regularly will have noticed that occasionally, there is a photo or video circulating that shouldn’t be in the public domain because the content is intended to be exclusive- commonly referred to as being ‘leaked’. Taking a photo on a smartphone has never been easier and it can be done in a flash- so preventing the use of cameras at exclusive or private events becomes increasingly more difficult.

If your organisation deals with sensitive or private information, how do you prevent the photography of private content? You could collect mobile phones from visitors or staff upon entry to your premises and then redistribute them at the end, but most people need their phones for other things, too. Collecting phones also creates the job of storing the phones securely and then redistributing efficiently- this can be a challenge in itself!

The solution

So, what’s the solution? In an ideal scenario, there would be a way of preventing the use of a mobile phone’s camera without restricting the use of the device’s other features. We present to you the Cam-block sticker! These small, opaque stickers can be applied over the mobile device’s camera, completely blocking it- but not restricting the use of other features at all. The stickers are designed for use at private events such as car launches, product releases and, well, just about anywhere where photography is prohibited or unwanted.

How Cam-block works

Once applied, the Cam-block sticker completely blocks the camera, so pictures and videos can’t be taken. They are different to an ordinary adhesive sticker because, crucially, they are tamper evident. This means that once the Cam-block sticker is peeled away, VOID text appears across the face of the sticker. As a result, the sticker can’t be removed and then reapplied without you knowing.

Furthermore, where a normal adhesive sticker could leave a tacky residue on the device, potentially damaging it or leaving marks, the Cam-block sticker is completely residue free- making it a suitable temporary solution to photography prevention. Collecting phones from visitors upon entry to an event can be challenging, but distributing these little stickers is much easier.

Who are Cam-block stickers useful for?

Cam-block tamper evident stickers are great for use at all events such as press days, exclusive events, product launches and private shows. Let’s look at some example scenarios where the Cam-block sticker has been used. To protect the privacy of the organisations, all names have been replaced.

  • SecuriCars, a global leading car manufacturer is hosting a private launch of a new model at their headquarters in the UK. The launch is invite-only, with a select few clients and prospective customers attending. The car is still months away from its public release, so it’s important that no details about the model are taken and shared publicly. A leak could risk competitors getting an insight into SecuriCars’ plans such as the markets that they are targeting which would give them a chance to develop their own equivalent to compete with it. As a result, SecuriCars could lose their advantage on the market that they are targeting if it is a new market. Furthermore, leaked photos of the new model may expose new technologies that SecuriCars have developed, potentially giving away key USPs to competitors and the target market.

To avoid this, SecuriCars decide to issue Cam-block stickers to guests as they enter the premises. They check that the stickers are applied effectively before entry to the launch so that all cameras are blocked. Guests still have access to their mobile device’s features, but they cannot take photos of the new model and therefore the risk of leaked photos is reduced dramatically. As guests leave the event, SecuriCars staff check each sticker to check that the VOID text is not visible. The stickers are sequentially numbered, adding an extra layer of security. It means that stickers in use can be assigned to each guest and logged- preventing guests from removing their sticker and applying a new one. One guest’s sticker has VOID text on it which means that the sticker has been tampered with, prompting staff to check the guest’s mobile device for photos which can then be deleted before the guest leaves the premises.

  • United Athletic Football Club are hosting tours for key shareholders of their brand-new state of the art training facility. On site each day there are several players and coaching staff working on fitness programmes, tactical exercises and rehabilitation. As a football team playing at a high standard of professional football, it’s crucial that players’ privacy is respected and any tactical information is kept from the public eye. Shareholders are not likely to be leaking private information about the club maliciously or even intentionally, but photographs taken on the premises could easily expose private information about the club if shared. Just like SecuriCars in the previous scenario, United Athletic FC choose to issue Cam-block stickers to the guests to eliminate the risk of accidental exposure of secretive tactical information. Just as with the guests at the car launch, the stickers can be removed at the end of the tour without leaving any residue on the mobile device.

Because the Cam-block stickers are so versatile, they can be used in all kinds of different scenarios where personal data or private information needs protecting. From the government and Ministry Of Defence to high calibre sports teams and high profile weddings, there’s a use for Cam-block stickers.

Can I personalise my Cam-block stickers?

Cam-block stickers are available in a variety of colours- blue, red, green, yellow, black, white and silver. This means that when you’re purchasing the stickers for use at your event, you can select the colour that best matches your organisation’s brand. In addition to the range of colours, sequential numbering can be added to your stickers. The benefit of this is that you have the option to assign guests with a number, and this prevents them from replacing the sticker with a new one because their number won’t match up against the number that you assigned them. For larger quantities, we can also print your organisation’s logo onto the stickers so that they meet brand requirements and give the stickers a personalised element.

How to order Cam-block stickers

To order your Cam-block stickers, simply visit our website and search for ‘Cam-block’. Here you can select your required quantity and colour- and you can select whether you’d like sequential numbering, too. If you have an enquiry about the stickers or would like to get personalised printing, get in touch with us at and we will be happy to help you.

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