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There are as many personalities as there are people. Each one is unique with their own skill set and way of doing things. However, sometimes the differences can cause a collision in the workplace. So, what can be done to prevent these collisions and build a flourishing and positive organisation?

The simple answer is to bring your teams together, by taking them out of the working environment, breaking down internal barriers and encouraging new bonds to be formed, through team building activities.

When you want to build your team up, it’s important to take the time to create valuable relationships this can be difficult when everyone is busy working away.

This is where team building activities come in, by creating a fun environment, where you can use developing games, it’s a perfect way for you and your team to get to know to each other, building relationships based on trust, communication and kindness. You also get a chance to communicate with your team in a relaxed atmosphere creating a positive start for collaboration.

Where can you organise team building activities? Your imagination is the limit. From office space to a venue away from the workplace, almost anywhere you can host team building activities. Nature can add to the relaxation element, so choosing a venue surrounded by a nature reserve or with large grounds would be one of the great options for letting your guard down and gaining the full attention of the attendees.

What should you include to your program? The ideal combination when hosting a team building event is to start with a workshop, a healthy meal and then onto games where you learn about each other and build trust. Or what about incorporating the workshop as part of the team challenges, such as cookery, art, baking, the list and opportunities are endless.

Showing that you appreciate and care about your team strengthens your brand and authority in a positive way. As you take time to connect and listen to your team, they are also more likely to come to you and open up when something isn’t right.

The secret to a great team is communication, trust, kindness, integrity and transparency. Finding a way to get each member to add value through their own skills to complement the ones others have. That’s how you get your team to work seamlessly together.

Have you attended team building activities? I’d love to hear your experience.

At Sheer Edge we are passionate not only about finding the right event space for you but making sure your event has the impact you were hoping for. We work regularly with clients to pull together team building events with a difference.

Jo Ferreday is the managing director of Sheer Edge Ltd. With over a decade of experience in corporate hospitality and events industry, she is committed to providing unique experiences for her clients with her venue finding event support and management services. She treats her clients with the utmost respect and care to provide the best solutions and experience for her clients.

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