“Best New Business” and the #Girlsinpink!

Well it’s been a whole two weeks since we won the #SMEAward for Best New Business and I can honestly say, we still haven’t come down from the high that came in that moment they called our name.

Now, this may sound dramatic but as someone who always had dreams of being on the stage, I feel like we’ve won an Oscar. In fact, our company anthem has temporarily changed from Fight song to One moment in time. Yes, on several occasions over the last week, Whitney has been blasting out of our car and I mean blasting!!!

I don’t know how other people feel when they win a business award, they are probably far more subtle and professional in their elation but we just want to shout it from the rooftops.

It’s not a centre of attention thing, it’s more of a “bloody hell, did that just happen?” thing.

It’s fair to say, we didn’t expect it. In fact, I didn’t expect it that much that by the time the award was announced, I was absolutely trollied. We didn’t think for a second we would have to walk up to that stage so I thought I was safe to enjoy the evening and celebrate the fact that we made finalist. I nearly missed the stage!!!

It was an amazing moment, there is no doubt about it but the reason I am writing this is to try and explain why winning that award meant the absolute world to the #girlsinpink (And Paul wink )

When Alison and I started the business 18 months ago, we really had no idea who we were and what we wanted to achieve, we just knew that we wanted to help other people to thrive.

It was never about making a million (much to the disappointment of many), it was about putting a smile on someone else’s face. Of course we want a successful business and to be financially comfortable but that was never our first priority.

The last 18 months has been tough. There’s no getting away from it. There have been tears and tantrums and a whole lot of yawning but there’s never been a moment where we wanted to give up.

We have met the most amazing people, been part of a community and made some very close friends.

We believe we set ourselves apart from the rest. We haven’t made our own lives easy because we choose not to use tools such as schedulers. There’s nothing wrong with using them, in fact, we recommend them to our coaching clients because they save time, but we aren’t here to save our time, we are here to save yours! We are here to personally invest in your business growth and take the time to really achieve that.

We get to know you and your business, how you sound, the way you talk, your phrases because it’s so important to us that we speak in your voice. That makes us different.

Because of the way we work, we have attracted the most amazing clients. We have built quality relationships with them, we go out for dinner with them and regularly talk, we always meet our clients in person, regardless of location.

We have been called crazy. We have been told that we are not running a business, we’ve been told we don’t value ourselves enough. We have literally sat in a room full of successful business people battering us for the way we do things.

But whilst we have appreciated their comments and even made some adjustments based on their suggestions, we have stuck by our beliefs. Even now, as we are taking on clients from much larger businesses, they get treated the same way. We invest in their business.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that the reason the award meant so much to us is because it recognised our values, our ethos, our brand as well as prove to those who have doubted us that you don’t have to be cut throat to have a successful business. We are proving you wrong every day!

So, thank you to Franklins Solictors who believed in us. Thank you to all of our clients who stick with us and are so loyal to our business and thank you to the friends we have made along the way who have supported us so tremendously.

We aren’t a materialistic business in any way, but that award looks bloody good in our office!!! smile

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