Artemis UK – Quirky Is Our Business

Who are we?

Artemis UK is a solutions company. We have roots firmly in insurance repairs and construction. We use this knowledge to provide a claim or building solution to our Clients.

What do we do?

We have the following services that we offer:

- Third party property damage claim settlement or repairs

- Building and construction solutions

- Complaint resolution

What is third party property damage?

Third party property damage is when a vehicle causes damage to another person’s property. We can deal with vehicle damage to boundary walls or the quirkier items such as anything on a petrol forecourt.

We would be instructed to liase with the third party, in order to conclude how they would like their claim dealt with. We do this with our client’s interests and service quality at the forefront.

How do we do it?

We provide excellent customer service and brand protection, first time every time by collaborating, listening and thinking outside the box.

Our expertise?

We work with motor insurance companies, to provide solutions for their third-party claims.

We also work with large construction companies, to complete the smaller building solutions.

Lastly, we work with haulage companies and large commercial clients to repair any damage one of their vehicles may have caused to third party property.

For more information on our services, visit:

connect with us on Linkedin: ArtemisUK

Tweet us: @artemisrepair

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