Are you sleeping well?

We recently had another life changing conversation with a client.

Tim and Fiona arrived early for their regular planning meeting. Tim looked rather bemused…

We talked about their recent family holiday and about life. All was going well apart from Tim’s job. Tim was a senior director, earned a high salary and had all the perks that went with his position. He had a good lifestyle and was happy…or he used to be…!

Tim was no longer comfortable in his job. For some time, he felt the owners of the business were making decisions with which he didn’t agree and he was feeling very uncomfortable. He was stressed. He was not sleeping well. This impacted his health and his family.

He needed to make a decision…

Tim decided to apply for a couple jobs. He has transferable skills and many contacts. He recently attended an interview.

This job role is perfect and near home. Also, the company had shared values. Everything sounded great. Tim’s only concern was the reduced salary; would this impact on his family’s lifestyle?

We discussed what is important to Tim and Fiona, and reviewed their financial plan based on this new salary.

We reassured them that they could still achieve their lifestyle objectives.

We coached Tim and Fiona through the steps to achieve the life they wanted.

Tim and Fiona had clarity, confidence and peace of mind to make the change.

Tim, Fiona and his family are much happier now. Together they have a renewed happiness. Tim is able to sleep well at night.

Lifestyle Financial Planning changes lives.

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