An intelligent alternative to recruiting software developers

Your software development team are working hard but the workload is still increasing. There are new products to develop as well as older ones that need maintaining. What are the options to keep your project on track?

Typically, most organisations will either choose to start the recruitment process in order to expand the team, or hire temporary contractors to help deal with the current workload.

Recruiting permanent developers

As a country, the UK has had a national shortage of talented software developers for a long time. As salaries have increased, the interview process has become a drawn-out, arduous affair usually involving written tests, telephone/video interviews as well as face-to-face interviews.

Nobody wants to be on the hook for hiring the wrong person, right? Sometimes, after months of looking, companies give up – unable to find the right person and no further forward with their projects.

Hiring contract developers

Maybe you only need some extra help for a few weeks or months. Maybe you need to get skilled developers on board fast. Either way, contractor developers can look like an attractive option.

However, you still need to go through some kind of interview process (even if it isn’t as rigorous as for a permanent developer). Daily rates for contractors can be high and there’s no guarantee that they’ll see your project through to its end. An offer of a higher daily rate elsewhere can spell doom for your project.

An additional fly in the ointment is IR35. Changes to IR35 are planned to come into effect in 2021 which will have dramatic effects on businesses hiring contractors. Depending upon contracts and working practices, companies may become liable for collecting contractor taxes and NI payments (at the risk of incurring financial penalties if anything goes wrong).

Conversely, contractors may find themselves in a position to demand holiday and sick pay, maternity/paternity leave or even pension contributions if you provide them to your permanent employees.

An intelligent alternative

What if you could have a pool of highly-experience software developers who can work when you want, on whichever project you want, and that only cost your business money when they work?

For example, you need someone to start on Monday, work full-time for 3 weeks to cover the holiday period and then support your team for a day each week until the project is delivered.

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