200210 - What do architects do

The reason, as an architect, I use Vectorworks BIM is the ease with which a ‘working’ virtual model of a project can be created to inform the client and contractor about the scheme. Photorealism is not necessary for such models.

If there are any property owners wanting a virtual version of their home or workplace from which decisions regarding the best way to improve them can be explored, contact my practice because that is how, as architects, we do all projects in the 21st century. KR.eativ: Architects stopped using drawing boards and 2D CAD 20 years ago. The future is here in Northamptonshire (despite appearances?)

Once the decisions are made we can prepare all the planning application, building regulation submission, tender and construction information including the schedules and specification from that one model.

The image below is a model of the ground floor of an existing C19 cottage I am working on at the moment to improve its usability for my client.
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